Studies Weekly blue box

Getting Started with Studies Weekly

So you’ve received your Studies Weekly blue box and you’re thinking, “Now what?”

Starting a whole new curriculum can be intimidating at first, but there’s no need to fear! Getting started with Studies Weekly is easy.

So first things first, let’s open the box.

Though this video shows an instructions page, we no longer include those in single orders. 

So when you open the box, you will first see your Teacher Resource book. They used to come in a set of four booklets, but now it is all in one.

Next, you’ll find the student editions. Each student edition comes compiled in four quarterly bundles consisting of enough weekly units to last the entire school year.

Now we come to one of the hardest parts about Studies Weekly: sorting out the publications.

Collating the publications may seem like a pain, but trust us it’s worth it in the end. You can have your students help, or have some upper-class students sort them into the individual weeks for you.

To begin, remove the first quarter of each student edition. Next, separate each week and put them into piles (each week has a different color to help you stay organized).

After each week is complete, gather each pile and use either an alligator clip or large paper clip to keep the pile together. Then, place the weeks back into the blue box or a file cabinet until you’re ready to start using them.

Once the first quarter is done, repeat the same process for the next three quarters.

We know collating the publications is a bit time-consuming. But we print our publications in four quarterly bundles to save money and ultimately keep costs low for you, our customers. Here’s a great explanation of how that works, and why we have to print them this way:

Once you’re done sorting, you are set for the whole year! Enjoy!

Here’s some more tips to help you get started:

Register and Use Studies Weekly Online:

Set Up and Manage Parent Accounts:

Edit and Assign Tests:

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