Studies Weekly blue box

Getting Started with Studies Weekly

July 31, 2019 • Studies Weekly

So you’ve received your Studies Weekly blue box and you’re thinking, “Now what?”

Starting a whole new curriculum can be intimidating at first, but there’s no need to fear! Getting started with Studies Weekly is easy.

So first things first, let’s open the box.

Your boxes will contain the Students Editions and one Teacher Edition per classroom.

The Teacher Edition is ready for you to 3-hole punch and compile it into a binder in whatever order best fits your needs.

The Students Editions consist of enough weekly units to last the entire school year.

Next, sort the publications.

In order to save you money, and because of the uniquely consumable nature of Studies Weekly, we must print multiple units on one printing plate. This means the Student Edition is shipped to you in a classroom set that needs to be collated. Here’s a great explanation of how that works, and why we have to print them this way:

As you separate publications, you can sort them by themes, units, or according to your teaching plan. You then can give your students just one publication at a time during instruction.

While it may take a little time initially, having the ability to file each week separately can actually save time in the long run. It’s “one and done” and they are ready to go for the year.

Sorting Tips

Tip 1:

1. Put your students in a circle
2. Assign them each a week to find in the SE
3. One student starts by pulling out Week 1, then passes the rest to the student in charge of Week 2, etc. (Each week has a different color to help you stay organized)
4. Gather papers by weeks, clip together using either an alligator clip or large paper clip
5. Place the weeks back into the blue box or a file cabinet until you’re ready to start using them

Tip 2:

Give older students a service opportunity and ask them to sort. They can use the same process as described in Tip 1.

Tip 3:

Ask a parent helper to sort.

Once you’re done sorting, you are set for the whole year! Enjoy!

Finally, log in to Studies Weekly Online.

Once your print publications are taken care of, it’s time to explore Studies Weekly Online, the online learning platform that pairs with the print. Studies Weekly Online has everything your print publications have, plus videos, interactive activities, an audio reader, a gamification option, additional teacher resources, and integration with Google Classroom.

Incorporating Studies Weekly Online into your classroom instruction means you can engage all students where they are at in their learning.

Log in to Studies Weekly online from this URL:

Note: If your school or district orders Studies Weekly for you, they may use a rostering process to create your online login. Please check with your school or district.

Once you’re logged in, be sure to take the “Explain the Dashboard” guided tour.

You can find How-To videos to get you quickly and efficiently using the platform at our Studies Weekly Online Explanation Page or in the Training Tab of Studies Weekly Online.

If you have any other questions, visit to find helpful resources on using Studies Weekly print and online and to explore the Getting Started Guide. You can also reach out directly to our Support team there.