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Teachers Rock! Highlighting how Educators use Studies Weekly

May 23, 2019 • Studies Weekly

One of the most exciting things for us to see here at Studies Weekly is pictures and videos of teachers using our products.

Our in-house content creators, writers, designers, artists and editors all diligently work to make our products top-notch for teachers and students, and we always have students in mind as we create. But we aren’t in the classroom every day. So, when teachers share on social media how they incorporate Studies Weekly into their classroom, we celebrate.

Here’s a few recent examples that reminded us why we do what we do.

Her students were working on a Studies Weekly lesson about communities. They explored the essential question: What are the benefits for people who choose to live and/or work in rural, suburban and urban communities?

To give her students background information as they investigated that question, she used Nearpod’s free Virtual Reality Exploring Communities lesson. The Nearpod lesson had 360-degree pictures of three different types of community and discussion questions about the characteristics of each type of community.

“The students really enjoyed the lesson!” she said.

Using the Studies Weekly online platform

Malisah Moravitz Ziemak is a teacher at STEAM Academy in Texas. She recently posted on Twitter about a lesson on searching a text for answers.

Using Studies Weekly

For the activity, the students collaborated on a close reading of the Studies Weekly text. She loves using both the print and online versions in her classroom.

“Social studies is one of the hardest subjects to guide students in, but they love being able to use the online version,” she said in an email. “The online version enables students to be read to and play games to help them absorb the information. It also allows for differentiation because I have students with different academic capabilities. …I also use this opportunity to plug important reading skills like using their schema, context clues and text evidence.”

Using Studies Weekly in group work

Cathy Marston, an award-winning teacher in California, uses Studies Weekly in her classroom every day.

For one project, she divided her students into six groups. Each group researched one of the three colonial regions — New England, Middle and Southern. Then they created a poster explaining the colonial region “based on the four perspectives of social studies, geography, civics, history and economics.”

After their research, the students then taught each other about their regions.

“Studies Weekly makes project-based learning fun and engaging,” she said recently at the Studies Weekly Community Facebook page.

We’re grateful to these teachers for sharing their ideas. We’d love to see even more! Join our Studies Weekly Community Facebook Page to share, or tag us with #studiesweekly on Twitter.

Teachers rock!!