Student laughs during fun end of school year activity

Ideas For Those Last Few Crazy Days of School!

May 30, 2019 • Studies Weekly

Testing is over. Your students’ last assignments and extra credit are trickling in, and sunny days are beckoning. Your students are antsy. And well, honestly, so are you, right?

Those last few days of school are always lots of fun — with field days, end-of-the-year performances, class parties and the like. Of course, it often feels like barely organized chaos, with a bunch of wiggly (and sometimes sweaty) bodies contained in your classroom — needing some sort of direction so they didn’t dance on top of the desks.

Whether you’re finishing the school year in person or remote, we’re with you.

To help you survive, we’ve pulled together a Pinterest Board with easy end-of-the-year activities that you all can do together — or apart.

Cool Competitions

This Rock, Paper, Scissors competition idea is soooo easy to prep and do. And with how random this game can be, you’re sure to have some surprise winners.

For remote learning, students can go head-to-head by Zoom or Google Meet.

This next one works a bit better in class. As the students clean out their desks (and hopefully NOT find any living things in there) this Paper Airplane Competition is a great way to use all those leftover papers that have been stuffed in there since September.

For remote learning, students could create their airplane at home and measure how far it flies, and report back.

Memory Makers

Creating a summer bucket list is a great way to channel your students’ excitement for summer, while also keeping them engaged and creative. And while students are probably wondering if they will still get to go on family vacations, this activity can help them focus on what they can do and not what they can’t do.

This example is just one of the ideas from our Pinterest Board to do this.

This next activity creatively encourages students to reflect on their year as a whole, and recognize their milestones and success.

STEM Stuff

STEM activities are sure to engage students and these are some easy projects for younger grades.

We celebrate you and all you’ve accomplished — especially this year!

So hang in there — the thunk and clunk of growing feet will head back down those school hallways at some point.

And we’ll all feel just a bit more grateful for the hustle and bustle, and thrumming energy of a classroom full of learners.