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Parent Accounts: Studies Weekly Makes Parent Involvement Easier

Aug. 6, 2019 • Studies Weekly

Studies weekly online parent accountWe know that parent involvement is one of the key indicators in the value of your students’ education. As an educator, parents can either be your greatest allies or some of your most difficult hurdles.

This is where the Parent Accounts in Studies Weekly Online comes in.

The ability to create Parent Accounts through Studies Weekly Online is one of the greatest tools we have available to you and your students’ parents. It allows parents to closely monitor how their kids are doing and how they’re using the Studies Weekly Online resources.

Here’s some important Parent Accounts info and tips to help you increase parent involvement in your classroom, and give everyone a better education experience.

This increases parent involvement, and is transparent.

Encourage your students and their parents to use and talk about the online Parent Accounts. We designed this tool to promote dialogue, increase parent involvement, and provide a more robust student experience.

Parent Accounts give parents the option to see what their students are doing within the Studies Weekly tool, and track their child’s account. Parents can easily see how their child did on assessments, their rewards accumulation, and view notes and highlights from reading.

Student information is private and safe.

We live in a digital age and sensitive information is shot across the internet every second. Therefore, the privacy and security of our data and certainly our children’s data is paramount. Rest assured that with the Parents Accounts, your students’ information is private. Our two-step verification built into our parent registration process ensures that no student data is transferred outside the teacher-parent relationship. No one has access to your student’s information but you and their parents.

Setting up Parent Accounts is easy.

1. Login to your Teacher Account at Studies Weekly. As a reminder, you must register first. If you have a subscription to the Studies Weekly print publication, then your online account access is included for free.

2. Once you have logged in, click on the CLASSES tab at the top of the page. Click on the class name on the lefthand side. Your roster will look similar to this:

Studies Weekly online

3. From there, click on the Manage Parents tab to add, delete, or change parent information.

Studies Weekly Parent Accounts

4. To add a parent to your student, click on the + Add Parent button on the right.

Studies Weekly Parent Accounts

5. Enter the parent’s name and email address, then click the Send Invite button. The parent will get an email and once they click the link, their Parent Account will be active.

6. Download, print and send home the Social Studies or Science Parent Letter. These letters explain how parents can set up and login to their own account.

Social Studies Parent Letter

Science Parent Letter

Parents can login from anywhere.

Studies Weekly Online is web-based software, which means that parents can access their Parent Accounts from anywhere they have internet access. Our software is designed to be used across both mobile and desktop, so whether at home or on-the-go, parents can easily access their child’s information.

The platform includes a built-in messaging feature.

One of the trickiest parts of teaching is trying to ensure that information conveyed to students makes it home. With Parent Accounts, you add parents to your students’ accounts and communicate with the entire class or with specific parents. You can send weekly reminders to your students’ parents about tests coming up, reading assignments, and more.

If you’re looking for a robust curriculum that complies with state standards, is engaging for your kids, and also increases parent involvement, order your free 30-day trial of Studies Weekly online and request your free sample today.