Civil Rights

Your students will experience the Civil Rights Movement through first-hand accounts from those who were there.
Studies Weekly Civil Rights

Hear Their Stories

Study the Civil Rights Movement through primary source materials and multiple perspectives. The Studies Weekly curriculum package incorporates the accounts of multiple civil rights activists.

Witness History

Witness the bravery and courage of both black and white activists at the 1963 Woolworth lunch counter sit-in. Hear firsthand accounts from those who were there.

Our Civil Rights Curriculum is like no other, and includes:

Standing for Freedom

Presented in story form through historical images and interviews, this powerful 30-page magazine introduces students to the people and events that changed American history.


Students delve deeper into the Civil Rights Movement to better understand how certain events led to others, all culminating in profound change for our nation.

Award-winning Documentaries

“The Uncomfortable Truth” — Learn the history of institutional racism in America.
“An Ordinary Hero” — See one woman’s brave involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.
Studies Weekly Civil Rights

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