If you are new to using Studies Weekly Online, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you haven’t registered or logged in yet, read this article for instructions, or check out our Tutorial Page.

This platform can be a great asset for you and your students as you navigate remote learning, so we want to share our best practices with you.

Here are some tips, tricks, and how-tos to improve your experience once you’ve logged in:

1. Create a Class

First, you need to create a class so you can add students and give them logins.

You may create multiple classrooms in your Studies Weekly Online account. If you teach several grades or several classes of one grade, you can set up each as a separate online class as well.

To add a class to your dashboard:

    1. Log in to your online account.
    2. In the blue menu bar select the Classes tab.
    3. Click on the green plus symbol to create a classroom

Add a class to Studies Weekly online

Create a classroom:

    1. Select a classroom image
    2. Enter classroom name
    3. Select classroom grade
    4. Select subject(s)
    5. Choose the start date for the school year (default date is August 1)
    6. Choose the end date for the school year (default date is June 30)
    7. Click Continue

2. Add Publications

Once you create your class, you will need to add publications access. If you have multiple classes, you can add only the publications that are for each class.Add publication to a class in Studies Weekly online

    1. On the Account overview page, click on the most recent classroom or, on the left side navigation bar, click the Classes tab and select a classroom.
    2. Click the Add Publication Access icon.
    3. In the Add Publication Access modal, select the publication(s) you want to add to the classroom and click Add.


Add publication access in Studies Weekly online

3. Add Students

Adding students to your classes takes just a few steps.

To add a student to a classroom:

    1. In the Classes tab, click on the Create Student icon.
    2. Select the classroom.
    3. Enter the student’s first name
    4. Enter the student’s last name
    5. Create the student’s username (If the username has already been taken, try adding a number to the name or use the student’s school ID number.)
    6. Create the student’s password
      1. Password criteria:
        1. A lowercase letter
        2. A capital (uppercase) letter
        3. A number
        4. Minimum of 5 characters
    7. Click Create

Create a Studies Weekly Online student account

If a student has used Studies Weekly Online before, they can continue to use the same username and password. The student will need to be transferred from the previous class to the new class.

If the student doesn’t remember their previous username and password, ask their previous teacher for the student’s login information.

To add multiple students:

    1. In the Classes tab, click the People section
    2. Click the actions menu, then Create Multiple Students
    3. In the Create Multiple Students modal, type in or copy and paste each student on a new line
    4. Click Create
    5. Usernames and passwords will automatically be generated but can be changed later.

Add multiple students to a classroom on Studies Weekly Online

To add students using a join code:

    1. Students who already have an account can login and be added to your classroom using the classroom code you provide them.
    2. Join codes can be found in the classroom subnav bar below the classroom name.

Studies Weekly Online classroom join code.

4. Make sure students can log in

After you create their class, add publications, and create student logins, students are ready to learn.

1. Send students their Username and Password

2. Send them a link to Studies Weekly Online: https://online.studiesweekly.com

For troubleshooting student account problems, see our Support Page resources:

5. Use Studies Weekly Online and Google Classroom

You can add assignments to students’ Google Classroom with just a few clicks.

1. From an article, navigate to the Google Classroom Icon in the corner.

2. Click on it, and select the Classroom you are sharing it to, and the action you want from the Classroom options. Click Go.

3. Add your own notes, points, due date, etc. Click Assign.

4. The assignment shows up in your students’ Classroom stream.

Assign a Student Weekly Online article to Google Classroom

You can do this same action to assign specific audio, images or videos from an article. To do so, simply look for the Google Classroom icon on each source. Of course, all assessments are integrated as well.

Assign Studies Weekly Online Image to Google Classroom

For even more helpful hints, visit support.studiesweekly.com and browse the support categories there.

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