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Chop it up, Highlight it! Getting the most out of your Studies Weekly Print Editions

Feb. 28, 2019 • Studies Weekly

If your students are just reading our Studies Weekly Social Studies newspapers or magazines each week, they are missing out on so many other experiences.

We love our products so much and we love the teachers who help create our lessons. We also love coming up with new classroom strategies for using our publications.

You can see just one of the many ideas for fully utilizing them at

The example there shows you how students can use the Studies Weekly Reading Label Challenge.

In this activity, your students: highlight facts, timelines, sequence, informational texts, main ideas and supporting details, and identify Tier 3 vocabulary words.

You can also see how to create mini ELA lessons that ask your students to identify pronouns and verbs.

Breaking down studies weekly publication

Fully Using Studies Weekly

We design our print products to be very hands-on and fully consumable.

(And, no, we don’t mean your students will enjoy munching on them for lunch!)

Student using Studies Weekly social studies

When we say consumable, we mean cutting out our images for a 3D Graphic Organizer or an interactive notebook. Or highlighting and discussing facts versus opinions, the main idea, or point of view in our informational texts. Or using our Primary Source Analysis Tool to observe, reflect and question the source right there on the paper.

On every weekly publication, we include learning activities your students can do right on the publication — vocabulary crosswords, writing prompts, inquiry strategies and ‘Think and Reviews’.

But that’s not all.

You can get additional training and activity ideas in the Training Tab at Studies Weekly Online.

Additionally, we have a great Facebook community of teachers who share their own Studies Weekly projects and lesson plans as well.

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