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Effective Teaching with Studies Weekly Professional Development on Demand

At Studies Weekly, we are continually looking to help our customers utilize our curriculum and provide you with the resources you need to teach students more effectively. Our goal is to make using Studies Weekly learning materials easy so you can plan less and teach more.

Our online learning platform, Studies Weekly Online, not only has the standards-based, interactive curriculum you need, but also training, lesson plans, graphic organizers, and activities to help you engage students.

Our Professional Development on Demand, found in the PD Training tab at Studies Weekly Online, can take you through those first getting started processes, all the way to using research-backed learning strategies to enhance and expand your students’ learning.

Studies Weekly professional development

Accessing PD on Demand

Once logged into your account, click the PD Training tab to access the PD library. You will see three different categories.

Professional Development at Studies Weekly Online

How to Use Studies Weekly

The How to Use Studies Weekly section is the best place to start. In this section, you will find video tutorials to help you navigate everything from managing publications, adding students, and browsing articles to assigning and customizing assessments, or running reports.

We pair our how-to videos with downloadable PDFs so you have the instructions on hand, can copy them for students, and provide them to parents for reference.

Here are just two examples of the 40+ videos and PDFs there. You can differentiate between each by the icon up in the righthand corner.

Instructional Strategies

Our Instructional Strategies section includes many classroom planning suggestions, activities, graphic organizers and suggested lesson plans to help you.

One of the best places to start in this section is the Suggested Instructional Plan PDF. You can download and print it, and use it as a reference as you plan out your weekly units with Studies Weekly. The instructional tools listed on this document are all available in this same Instructional Strategies category.

We have tons of PDFs and videos on instructional tools here, including:

5E Tool

Reading Label Challenge

Using Primary Source Analysis

Think Pair Share Tool

Document, Video, Artifact, Artwork, Cartoon, Photo, and Map Analysis Tools

See Think Wonder

Annotating Text

Sentence Summaries

Display Trays

Circle Maps

KWL Chart

Cornell Note-Taking

Flipbooks and Triorama How-tos

Interactive Notebooks

Studies Weekly Display Tray PDF

Student Artifacts

In the Student Artifacts section, you can find finished student examples of some of our instructional tools. This helps your students see what their final project should look like. Most of these projects can be completed in the classroom or at home.

Triorama with Studies Weekly

We hope the PD Training tab will be useful as you develop your own teaching style.

For full access to our PD library, use the PD Training tab at Studies Weekly Online.

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