Teacher with Studies Weekly in summer school class.

Creating the Best Summer School Experience with Studies Weekly

After a hectic year impacted by a global pandemic, elementary summer school programs may play a crucial role this year in getting students caught up on math, ELA, and other standardized test subjects in just a few weeks.

But with Studies Weekly’s print and online resources, summer school can be stress-free for you and fun for your whole class.

Celebrating National Holidays with Studies Weekly Social Studies

Summer is the perfect time to teach students about important historical events. Use the grade-lexiled articles in our Social Studies curriculum to celebrate national holidays, including:

Find articles and media content about these historic events using the search bar on our digital learning platform: Studies Weekly Online. You’ll find the same articles in our printed periodicals with pre-made lesson plans in the teacher edition for extra support.

Improving Reading Comprehension

Enhance your students’ reading compression skills using Studies Weekly Online’s guided reading feature. Have students click on the play button below the article title and read along while they listen. They can adjust the reading speed by clicking on the turtle icon.

Readers Guide in Studies Weekly Online

Engaging Students with Multimedia Content

Once you create a Teacher account and log in, Studies Weekly Online has tons of media content to keep your students engaged throughout the whole summer, including:

  • Exclusive Interviews — Your students will appreciate hearing first-hand accounts of historical events from Civil Rights activists, Holocaust survivors, WWII veterans, and more.
  • Project Time — These comical videos make learning science fun for elementary school students.
  • Field Trips — Take your class on a virtual adventure to some amazing places, including the Alamo, the National World War I Museum and Memorial, and many more.

Access these videos by clicking on the Extras tab in the top right corner of the main Studies Weekly Online page.

Extras Tab in Studies Weekly Online

Motivation through Game-Based Learning

Students earn coins as they read articles and play games on our digital learning platform. They can use these coins to digitally interact with an avatar in the learning platform. This can motivate them to complete assignments on time and makes summer learning fun. To give students an extra push, set a goal for how many coins they’ll earn in a day or week, and tie that to an in-class incentive

Earn Coins in Studies Weekly Online

Extra Social-Emotional Learning Support

This last year has been hard on kids. That’s why Melanie Claxton, coordinator of out-of-school-time activities for Pittsburgh Public Schools, told EdWeek that she plans to incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) activities into the district’s Summer B.O.O.S.T. program.

If your school district also wants to include SEL into your summer learning program, our PreK-6 Well-Being curriculum covers everything from identifying and managing emotions to setting and achieving goals. With strategies and tips based on research, our curriculum will give your students the coping skills they need to thrive in school.

Making Summer School Fun

Students look forward to summer school when they know they’re going to have fun. With our curriculum’s hands-on activities and ready lesson plans, you’ll have an easy time engaging your students and meeting state requirements.

New to Studies Weekly? Try us for free at studiesweekly.com/online.

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